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Who we are?


KTeam, founded in 2005, partners with various companies to plan, build, and manage application software to enable their business strategies. This is accomplished through its Business Consulting, Application Development and Integration, and Application Development and Management.

Having the commitment, passion and dedication to excel we strive hard to offer the best value propositions to our customers in an accountable way. Our competitive edge is the combined strengths of our people, processes and technology. These strengths give us the advantage of delivering strategic value through operational efficiency, and providing cost effective, accurate, timely solutions.

PKTeam works keeping in mind your goals and expectations

Having expertise in PHP, WordPress, Magento, OSCommerce, SEO, Mobile applications, HTML, CSS, and other web technologies we can offer the best for your web needs

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Teams

PKTeam staff is ever growing and till now we have more than 30 people working in out web development section. PKTeam is a mixture of experience and passionate newcomers who are ever eager to learn and present the best of whats out there in terms of Web and IT solutions. We have a comprehensive continuing education system through which we are increasing the abilities of our team by giving them opportunities to learn latest advancements, trends and senior’s experiences.

2. The Best Solution for Your Business

Our approach towards any project is simple, be that be a small one or a complex one. We always do our homework, why? Because we feel proud of our work done. We always do R&D before initiating in to the coding or design aspects. This helps us offer the best possible solution for your needs. We know you want the best for your web ideas and we tend to always come out with the best. Best of all we thrive by providing solutions, which works for you, with a minimum learning curve on your part.

3. One Place For Everything

With us it is a one pit stop. From Research to ideas, ideas to design, Branding, HTML and CSS, Coding, Decision to go with what such as Custom or ready to use solutions, WordPress, Magento, OsCommerce, Custom app development, deployment, hosting solution, maintenance, Backups, Threat perception, website security, management, Search engine optimization, SEM, SMM, online marketing. We have solutions for everything and best of all under one roof.

4. Dedicated Support and Help

We are always available via Skype and International numbers. We have dedicated support team available to answer your questions and concerns. We take your business as our own and are always ready to help you out.

Our Skills

PHP / 97%
Photoshop / 97%
HTML and CSS / 98%
WordPress / 95%
Ecommerce / 95%
SEO / 90%


In the ever changing world of world wide web, it is imerative to give a utmost importance to website security, both hosting as well as in coding.  The steps taken will ensure trouble free website working as well as minimizing the chances of your sites getting hacked, XSS and code insertion and injections.

Following are some of the steps one can take to increase website security;

  1. Always use combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters when assigning passwords to hosting accounts, FTP accounts and back-end log ins to your websites and or web applications.
  2. Never use or give your master hosting account, which in most cases is also the master FTP account with full access to hosting space.
  3. Always create a secondary FTP account when doing changes to website, be that be you or your services provider.
  4. Change passwords monthly and try to have different passwords for FTP and Databases.
  5. Try not to use easy guessable passwords such as your name, site name, telephone numbers, children name etc.
  6. Do a website security audit to look for loopholes such as open ports, writable directories etc
  7. Never permanently place PHP info file on the server as this can lead to passage of valuable information, which hackers can use to their advantage.
  8. Regularly check for XSS, SQL injections.
  9. Always limit file upload options and prohibit uploading of files through forms.  This will greatly decrease chances of hacking and exploits by pros.
  10. Always have a intrusion detection system in place, like PHPIDS
  11. Check your server access logs if something goes wrong.
  12. Follow strict coding practices and always try to close loopholes in your coding.
  13. Log IP for  direct access to writable directories.
  14. And the most important disable directory browsing on your server.
  15. Use .htaccess to deny access to crucial system directories and writable folders and password protect the back-end folder.
  16. Place scripts to send alerts if files are created or modified on the server, this way you can salvage early and be ahead of the exploits.
Above are some of the ways you can make sure trouble free online presence.  As your site become prominent on the internet and you start making money, people will start to exploit it and will try to take you down just for fun or in revenge.
PKTeam offers security audit and website maintenance services at a very affordable prices.  We take the task of taking care of your online business very seriously and professionally.  Let us be your support team for ll your online needs.  Contact us at  for a free web security audit.


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